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Things To Know About Renewing Your Boat Insurance – Before Contacting A Marine Broker

‘Do I need boat insurance?’ is the question that many UK boat owners battle with – no matter how passionate they are about boating. And while it’s true that this is only another expense, it’s definitely one worth paying attention to. Renewing your boat insurance in the UK is important – and there are some considerations you should know before doing it.

Here are 3 good reasons to consider before renewing your boat insurance.

1. You Have No Option But to Have Boat Insurance
Whether you are aware of it or not, but as a boat owner, you don’t have much options but to have some kind of insurance policy in place – be it third party or comprehensive boat cover. The reason for this is that all the UK marine authorities insist upon having boat insurance in order to use their mooring facilities. So instead of thinking about it, be assured that you actually need boat insurance to secure a mooring.

2. It Covers Your Safety (And Your Boat)


The second thing a boat insurance offers you is peace of mind. Obviously, this is common sense and makes it worthwhile in itself. So for an annual exchange for a relatively small fee, you eliminate the worries or potential costs in the future if things go wrong and your boat is damaged.

3. A Full Boat Insurance Policy Always Does The Trick

Some UK boat insurance policies start as low as £30 and whilst they can reach over £5000, it really is down to the type of boat (so make sure you ask for advise). Whilst there is quite a difference in these costs, going for a fully comprehensive policy will give you peace of mind and will be able to cover your boat in a large number of events – whether your boat suffers from accidental damage, theft or vandalism.

So, is it getting boat insurance in the UK worth it?
The bottom line spreads around the fact that this is still a relative decision, but also a decision that saved a lot of boat owners from the high costs of repairing a boat. Plus, it offers something that really does not have a price – peace of mind both when it comes to accidents as well as marine checks.

Happy knowing the main points and you have all your boat details? For a quick boat insurance renewal or quotation.