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So you think you have your marketing covered.  Your marketing is simple! What do you think marketing is?  Link building on the internet? Printing leaflets and dropping through letterboxes? Paying for an advert in a local newspaper?  Advertising is not marketing.

Sending the right message to the right people at the right time is not buying an email list and spamming the crap out of it!  That’s not to say this doesn’t generate revenue but it is not marketing.

If you are doing your marketing correctly you’ll be generating an interest from activity that captures the details of prospects.  Your prospects will then receive specific messages associated to their original interest.

How you go about provoking an interest from prospects is marketing or deception?  The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how the internet can provide opportunities to attract prospects after searching for your services.  In this case yacht insurance – Sunseeker yacht insurance

The deception in this example starts with a network of websites to attract the attention of boat and yacht owners.  The main site is and

Do a search for sunseeker owners and you’ll find this at the top of the page of Google.

Note the link on the right column (viewed on a desktop)

Yacht Club insurance goes directly to http:// which currently has one sponsor or paying advertiser or client who owns the entire network of links! More about this later, bearing in mind we are looking at superyacht insurance and yacht insurance keywords not sunseekers owners club where the link originate from.

In actual fact there are at least 21 other websites that all reference yachts owner clubs and you can advertise on 10 of them for a special rate!

And it is made clear on http://yachtclubmarketing .com/club-directories/ and on here

The purpose of these websites is not to attract yacht owners but people who want to promote themselves to yacht owners!  The only two visible sponsors and advertisers indicate the network of websites was created solely to benefit these two businesses.  Since 2006 there doesn’t appear to be any other advertisers. Nothing wrong with this if the purpose was to ensure Bishop Skinner Marine Insurance Brokers maintain a first page position on Google for yacht club insurance and current position for yacht insurance on page 2.  

Who set-up this small network of Yacht Clubs and Yacht Owners websites PBS Creative or Boat Shed or Bishop Skinner Insurance?  Or was is Sunseeker, there are many references for the boat builders Sunseeker but then it is the same for each of the boat builders on each respective yacht owners club websites.  What is missing is the yacht owners! No visible signs of activity by actual yacht club owners just a few brands seeking the attention of yacht owners. Marketing by deception or possibly by stealth.  Boat Owners are the clear target audience, the sellers in this interested party are boat builders, boat brokers and finally the insurance broker.

Add your Company to 10 Yacht Club Directories for Only £350 per year or all 21 Club Directories for £500 per year. With the only example being

So we’re back to the Sunseeker Yacht and links to the entire range of available yachts.  

By using this internet marketing method there are a multiple of benefits but only if you have full access to the traffic being generated.  


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